Load the ASCII Configuration File

After downloading the configuration file, you must load the new configuration on the switch.

To load and restore the ASCII configuration file, use the command:

load script filename {arg1} {arg2} ... {arg9}

After issuing this command, the ASCII configuration quickly scrolls across the screen.


The following is an example of the type of information displayed when loading the ASCII configuration file:

script.meg_upload_config1.xsf.389 # enable snmp access
script.meg_upload_config1.xsf.390 # enable snmp traps
script.meg_upload_config1.xsf.391 # configure mstp region purple
script.meg_upload_config1.xsf.392 # configure mstp revision 3
script.meg_upload_config1.xsf.393 # configure mstp format 0
script.meg_upload_config1.xsf.394 # create stpd s0

Instead of entering each command individually, the script runs and loads the CLI on the switch.