Quality of Service

VXLAN gateway uses a DSCP value of 0 when the tenant packet is not IP. Otherwise, it copies the tenant DSCP value to the outer IP header. In order to overwrite this, user must configure an ACL rule. This ACL is general and applied to all virtual networks. The following is an example of this ACL rule:
entry map {
      if {
          protocol udp;
          destination-port 4789;
      then {
          qosprofile qp3;
Then, the following command is used to put the outer DSCP value to a fixed value of 32:
configure diffserv replacement qp3 code-point 32

As indicated in the example above, the dot1p value can also be replaced. In the absence of the ACL, VXLAN gateway copies the tenant dot1p value to the network. The replacement happens on the outer headers as the example above illustrates. QoS examination (dot1p or diffserv) happens on the first header. On the tenant port, it is examining the ethernet and IP header of tenant frames. On the network port, it is examining the outer Ethernet and IP header. There is no change to the existing support for treatment of packets, such as rate-limiting and queuing.