Displaying LDP Basic Configuration Information

To display basic LDP configuration information, use the following command:
show mpls ldp

This command displays the general configuration of LDP.

Some settings are not configurable. These fields are identified with an asterisk (*). The remaining fields can be modified using LDP configuration commands to change the behavior of LDP. A list of VLANs that have LDP enabled is shown at the bottom of the display output.

# show mpls ldp
LDP Status                : Enabled
Protocol Version          : v1*
Label Retention Mode      : Liberal*
Label Distribution Method : Downstream Unsolicited*
LDP Loop Detection
Status            : Disabled
Hop-Count Limit   : 255
Path-Vector Limit : 255
LDP Targeted Timers
Hello Hold      : 45 seconds
Keep Alive Hold : 60 seconds
LDP Link Timers
Hello Hold      : 15 seconds
Keep Alive Hold : 40 seconds
Label Advertisement
Direct : All
Rip    : None
Static : None
LDP VLANs  : loopback
: blowingrock
: boone
: asheville
* Indicates parameters that cannot be modified