PIM-SM Configuration Example

In IP Multicast Routing Using PIM-SM Configuration Example, the system labeled ABR1 is configured for IP multicast routing using PIM-SM.

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IP Multicast Routing Using PIM-SM Configuration Example


The above figure is used in the OSPF section to describe the OSPF configuration on a switch.

The router labeled ABR1 has the following configuration:

configure vlan HQ_10_0_2 ipaddress
configure vlan HQ_10_0_3 ipaddress
configure vlan LA_161_48_2 ipaddress
configure vlan CHI_160_26_26 ipaddress
configure ospf add vlan all area
enable ipforwarding
enable ipmcforwarding
configure pim add vlan all sparse
tftp TFTP_SERV -g -r rp_list.pol
configure pim crp HQ_10_0_3 rp_list 30
configure pim cbsr HQ_10_0_3 30

The policy file, rp_list.pol, contains the list of multicast group addresses serviced by this RP. This set of group addresses are advertised as candidate RPs. Each router then elects the common RP for a group address based on a common algorithm. This group to RP mapping should be consistent on all routers.

The following is a policy file that configures the CRP for the address ranges and

entry extreme1 {
	if match any {
		then {
			nlri ;
			nlri ;