Configuring the Authentication Method for Supplicants

The authentication method is configured in /etc/raddb/eap.conf. The authentication method used by FreeRADIUS is the PEAP (Protected EAP) method. To activate PEAP, a TLS tunnel is required to encrypt communication between supplicant and RADIUS server. This means that server certificates are required.

Configure the authentication method.
peap {
default_eap_type = mschapv2
tls {
private_key_password = whatever
private_key_file = ${raddbdir}/certs/cert-srv.pem
certificate_file = ${raddbdir}/certs/cert-srv.pem
CA_file = ${raddbdir}/certs/demoCA/cacert.pem
dh_file = ${raddbdir}/certs/dh
random_file = ${raddbdir}/certs/random
fragment_size = 1024
include_length = yes