Switch4 Configuration

Switch4 is not a route reflector client. To configure this switch, enter the following commands:

create vlan "net"
enable loopback-mode vlan net
create vlan "v1"
configure vlan v1 add ports 9
configure v1 ipaddress 2001:db8:5::2/48
configure net ipaddress 2001:db8:2555::1/48
enable ipforwarding ipv6
configure bgp AS-number 100
configure bgp routerid
configure bgp add network address-family ipv6-unicast 2001:db8:2555::/48
create bgp neighbor 2001:db8:5::1 remote-AS-number 100
enable bgp neighbor 2001:db8:5::1 capability ipv6-unicast
enable bgp neighbor 2001:db8:5::1
enable bgp
configure ospfv3 routerid
configure ospfv3 add vlan v1 area
enable ospfv3