Zero Touch Client

Zero Touch Client (ZTC) adds addition functionality that enhances Fabric Attach (FA) by allowing static mappings for client types. Normally, Network Service Identifier (NSI) or Virtual LAN (VLAN) mappings are received from the Client through Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP), or are configured statically on a port. Zero Touch Client provides a method to configure a mapping for a specific client type, so that all devices of that type that are discovered will have the same mapping. For example, all LLDP neighbors defined as Fabric Attach Client Phones can be configured to be added to VLAN "phoneVlan." In this scenario, all phones are treated the same without the Client requiring knowledge of this. Zero Touch Client NSI or VLAN mappings are added to the VLAN as the untagged VLAN for the port.

Zero Touch Client can configure only one mapping per client type since there can be only one untagged port VLAN. Zero Touch Client provides a method to configure port priority. If no priority is provided, the statically configured dot1p priority will be used.

Base Zero Touch (ZT) auto-attach functionality allows a device to acquire management VLAN information and use this data to facilitate device manageability and network configuration download across the network. When you have enabled Base ZT auto-attach operation, it extracts management VLAN data from the primary FA Server advertisements, and potentially uses this data to update the in-use management VLAN. This information can also be cascaded to FA Clients. An FA proxy can disable management VLAN cascading to clients device-wide, and disable by port.

Configuring Zero Touch Client

To configure Fabric Attach Zero Touch Client, run the following command:

configure fabric attach zero-touch-client client [vlan [vlan_name | vlan_id] [nsi nsi | isid isid] {priority [priority | dot1p]} {enable | disable} | none] | enable | disable]

To show configured Fabric Attach Zero Touch Clients, run the following command:

show fabric attach zero-touch-client