802.1X Network Login Configuration Example

The following configuration example shows the Extreme Networks switch configuration needed to support the 802.1X network login example.



In the following sample configuration, any lines marked (Default) represent default settings and do not need to be explicitly configured.
create vlan “temp”
create vlan “corp”
configure vlan “default” delete ports 4:1-4:4
# Configuration Information for VLAN corp
# No VLAN-ID is associated with VLAN corp.
configure vlan “corp” protocol “ANY” (Default)
configure vlan “corp” ipaddress
# Configuration Information for VLAN Mgmt
configure vlan “Mgmt” ipaddress
# Network Login Configuration
configure netlogin vlan “temp”
enable netlogin dot1x
enable netlogin ports 1:10-1:14, 4:1-4:4 dot1x
# RADIUS Configuration
configure radius netlogin primary server 1812 client-ip vr “VR-Mgmt”
configure radius netlogin primary shared-secret purple
enable radius

The following example is for the FreeRADIUS server; the configuration might be different for your RADIUS server:

#RADIUS Server Setting, in this example the user name is eaptest
eaptest Auth-Type := EAP, User-Password == "eaptest"
Session-Timeout = 120,
Termination-Action =1

For information about how to use and configure your RADIUS server, refer to Configuring the RADIUS Client and the documentation that came with your RADIUS server.