Collecting Information from Supplicants

A supplicant is a device such as a VoIP phone or workstation that connects to the switch port and requests network services.

As described in LLDP, LLDP is a protocol that can be used to collect information about device capabilities from attached devices or supplicants.

To use Universal Port with LLDP, you must enable LLDP on the port.



Avaya and Extreme Networks have developed a series of extensions for submission to the standards consortium for inclusion in a later version of the LLDP-MED standard:

  • Avaya Power conservation mode
  • Avaya file server
  • Avaya call server

The following is an example of information provided through LLDP about an IP phone:

LLDP Port 1 detected 1 neighbor
Neighbor: (5.1), age 7 seconds
- Chassis ID type: Network address (5); Address type: IPv4 (1)
Chassis ID     :
- Port ID type: MAC address (3)
Port ID     : 00:04:0D:E9:AF:6B
- Time To Live: 120 seconds
- System Name: "AVAE9AF6B"
- System Capabilities : "Bridge, Telephone"
Enabled Capabilities: "Bridge, Telephone"
- Management Address Subtype: IPv4 (1)
Management Address        :
Interface Number Subtype  : System Port Number (3)
Interface Number          : 1
Object ID String          : ""
- IEEE802.3 MAC/PHY Configuration/Status
Auto-negotiation       : Supported, Enabled (0x03)
Operational MAU Type   : 100BaseTXFD (16)
- MED Capabilities: "MED Capabilities, Network Policy, Inventory"
MED Device Type : Endpoint Class III (3)
- MED Network Policy
Application Type  : Voice (1)
Policy Flags      : Known Policy, Tagged (0x1)
VLAN ID           : 0
L2 Priority       : 6
DSCP Value        : 46
- MED Hardware Revision: "4625D01A"
- MED Firmware Revision: "b25d01a2_7.bin"
- MED Software Revision: "a25d01a2_7.bin"
- MED Serial Number: "061622014487"
- MED Manufacturer Name: "Avaya"
- MED Model Name: "4625"
- Avaya/Extreme Conservation Level Support
Current Conservation Level: 0
Typical Power Value       : 7.4 Watts
Maximum Power Value       : 9.8 Watts
Conservation Power Level  : 1=7.4W
- Avaya/Extreme Call Server(s):
- Avaya/Extreme IP Phone Address:
Default Gateway Address       :
- Avaya/Extreme CNA Server:
- Avaya/Extreme File Server(s):
- Avaya/Extreme IEEE 802.1q Framing: Tagged


LLDP is tightly integrated with IEEE 802.1X authentication at edge ports. When used together, LLDP information from authenticated end point devices is trustable for automated configuration purposes. This tight integration between 802.1X and LLDP protects the network from automation attacks.