This feature allows an event such as a configuration change, a fault, a change in status, the crossing of a threshold, or an external input to the system, to be sent as an asynchronous message or event notification to external web servers.

The only ExtremeXOS modules that support XML notification as targets are Identity Management and EMS.

XML notification does not provide any event filtering capability. However, in the case of EMS, the target Web server can be configured with log filters and conditions. The XML notification feature establishes and checks the connectivity with the web server only when an event is ready to be pushed. State transitions take place if required. Statistics are updated accordingly and can be monitored.

The Web servers must be configured and enabled using ExtremeXOS CLI with an IP address, port, protocol type, user authentication, session information, if any, and other web server configuration.

A maximum of four web servers can be configured at a time.

The XML schemas are defined using Web Services Description Language (WSDL) in the XML SDK.