Fabric Attach Client Mode

After booting up, Fabric Attach defaults to operation as a client and identifies as the Fabric Attach client type "switch". In Fabric Attach, there are element types for Fabric Attach server (both auth and non-auth), proxy (both auth and non-auth), and an unused element type of "Other". The rest of the values are all different variations of an Fabric Attach client. As an ExtremeXOS Fabric Attach client, all Fabric Attach devices are ignored, except proxy and server. If a proxy is detected, the client treats it like a server and sends any assignments (mappings) that it has to the proxy for relay to the server. If a server is detected (while operating as a client), the Fabric Attach database is cleared and proxy mode is activated. If connection to the server is lost, the switch will again become a client after the server connection times out.

Supported Platforms

All platforms.