Rule-True-Count Expression

A CLEAR-Flow rule-true-count expression compares how many times a CLEAR-Flow rule is true with a threshold value.

One use is to combine multiple rules together into a complex rule. The following is the syntax for a CLEAR-Flow rule-true-count expression:

rule-true-count <ruleName> REL_OPER <countThreshold> ;

The rule-true-count statement specifies how to compare how many times a CLEAR-Flow rule is true with the expression threshold. The ruleName is the name of the CLEAR-Flow rule to monitor and the countThreshold is the value compared with the number of times the rule is true. The REL_OPER is selected from the relational operators for greater than, greater than or equal to, less than, or less than or equal to (>, >=, <, <=).

For example, the following delta-ratio expression:

rule-true-count cflow_count_rule_example >= 5 ;

will only be true after the CLEAR-Flow rule cflow_count_rule_example has been true at least five times. If the rule cflow_count_rule_example becomes true and remains true, and the period for cflow_count_rule_example is the default five seconds, the rule would have to be true for at least 20 seconds before the rule-true-count expression will become true. If the period of the rule cflow_count_rule_example is 10 seconds, it will need to be true for at least 40 seconds before the rule-true_count expression becomes true.