For RFC-4133, the entityPhysicalGroup contains a single table, entityPhysicalTable, to identify physical system components. The following table lists the objects that are supported.

Table/Group Description Comments
entPhysicalIndex The arbitrarily assigned index for the table Not-accessible
entPhysicalDescr Text description of the sensor. Read-only
entPhysicalVendorType Specified OID used to identify enterprise-wide type/version/model. Read-only
entPhysicalContainedIn The entPhysicalIndex of the parent device. For SFP sensors, this is the corresponding port index. Read-only
entPhysicalClass Integer that defines the general device type. SFP sensors are of class “sensor (8)”. Read-only
entPhysicalParentRelPos Relative position of the parent device. Read-only
entPhysicaModulelName Text String of the model information stored in the SFP/QSFP. Read-only
entPhysicalSerialNum Text String of the serial number information stored in the SFP/QSFP. Read-only
entPhysicalMfgName Manufacture Name of the SFP/QSFP, “Extreme Networks”. Read-only