LLDP Management

You can manage LLDP using the CLI and/or an SNMP-compatible NMS such as Extreme Management Center or Ridgeline. LLDP works concurrently with the EDP. It also works independently; you do not have to run EDP to use LLDP.

You can use the save configuration command to save LLDP configurations across reboots.

The switch logs EMS messages regarding LLDP, including when optional TLVs exceed the 1500-byte limit and when more than four neighbors are detected on a port.

After you enable LLDP, you can enable LLDP-specific SNMP traps; the traps are disabled by default. After you enable LLDP-specific traps, the switch sends all LLDP traps to the configured trap receivers. You can configure the period between SNMP notifications; the default interval is five seconds.

You can configure an optional TLV to advertise or not advertise the switch management address information to the neighbors on a port. When enabled, this TLV sends out the IPv4 address configured on the management VLAN. If you have not configured an IPv4 address on the management VLAN, the software advertises the system‘s MAC address. LLDP does not send IPv6 addresses in this field.