Adding Ports to Multiple Virtual Routers

To use a port in multiple VRs, do not add the port to a VR as described in Adding Ports to a Single Virtual Router. Instead, add the port to a VLAN in the desired VR.

To add the port to a VLAN in the desired VR, use the following command:

configure [ {vlan} vlan_name | vlan vlan_list] add ports [port_list | all] {tagged tag | untagged} {{stpd} stpd_name} {dot1d | emistp | pvst-plus}}



See QoS for details about how multiple VRs per port can affect DiffServ and code replacement.

You should configure any protocols you want to use on a user VR before you add a VLAN to the user VR. When IP multicast forwarding will be supported on a user VR, add the PIM protocol before you enable IP multicast forwarding.

The following example demonstrates how to add port 3:5 to user VRs VR-green and VR-blue.

The tagged VLAN bldg_200 was previously configured in VR-green, and the tagged VLAN bldg_300 was previously configured in VR-blue.

configure vlan default delete ports 3:5
configure vr vr-default delete ports 3:5
configure vlan bldg_200 add ports 3:5 tagged
configure vlan bldg_300 add ports 3:5 tagged