Displaying LDP Interface Information

To display LDP interface information, use the following command:
show mpls ldp interface {{vlan} vlan_name} {detail | counters}

This command displays the operational LDP interface information.

All the VLANs that have LDP enabled are listed. The negotiated LDP hello hold time is displayed. This is not the configured LDP hello hold time but represents the value that is negotiated between the local switch and the connected LDP peer. Hello messages are transmitted every 1/3 the negotiated hello hold time. In the following example, that would be every 5 seconds. The hello timer status information is displayed in milliseconds. The approximate LDP uptime and status flags are also shown.

# show mpls ldp interface
VLAN Name         #Adj  NegHHldTm  NxtHello  UpTm  Flags
----------------  ----  ---------  --------  ----  -----
loopback             0      15000      2230   16h  MLU
blowingrock          1      15000      2200   14h  MLU
boone                1      15000      2210   16h  MLU
asheville            1      15000      2210   16h  MLU
Flags: (M) MPLS Enabled, (L) LDP Enabled,
(U) LDP Operational