The following tables, groups, and variables are supported in this MIB.

All tables and variables of this MIB are supported as read only. The comments here are abbreviated versions of the description in the RFC documentation.

Table/Group Supported Variables Comments


pwIndex This table contains the index to the Ethernet tables associated with this Ethernet PW, the VLAN configuration, and the VLAN mode.
pwEnetPwInstance If multiple rows are mapped to the same PW, this index is used to uniquely identify the individual row.
pwEnetPwVlan This object defines the (service-delimiting) VLAN field value on the PW.
pwEnetVlanMode This object indicates the mode of VLAN handling between the port or the virtual port associated with the PW and the PW encapsulation.
pwEnetPortVlan This object defines if the mapping between the original port (physical port or VPLS virtual port) to the PW is VLAN based or not.
pwEnetPortIfIndex This object is used to specify the ifIndex of the Ethernet port associated with this PW for point-to-point Ethernet service, or the ifIndex of the virtual interface of the VPLS instance associated with the PW if the service is VPLS.
pwEnetRowStatus This object enables creating, deleting, and modifying this row.