Network Login User Entries

The following is an example of a network login user entry:

Jim           Auth-Type := EAP, Cleartext-Password == "12345"
              Session-Timeout = 60,
              Termination-Action = 1,
              Extreme-Security-Profile = "user-auth LOGOFF-PROFILE=avaya-
              Extreme-Netlogin-Vlan = voice-avaya

The key components of the example above are the user name, password, attributes, and Extreme Networks VSAs. For simple authentication, you only need to enter the user name (Jim in this example) and a password as described in the RADIUS server documentation.

Enter the attributes for each user and separate them from the others with commas as described in the RADIUS server documentation.

In the example above, the Session-Timeout and Termination-Action attributes are examples of standard RADIUS attributes, and these are described in Standard RADIUS Attributes Used by Extreme Switches.

The Extreme-Security-Profile and Extreme-Netlogin-Vlan attributes are examples of Extreme Networks VSAs and are described in Extreme Networks VSAs.