Deleting Files from the Switch

You can delete a configuration, policy, or if configured, core dump file from your system by running the rm file_name command.

When you delete a configuration or policy file from the system, make sure you specify the appropriate file extension. For example, when you want to delete a policy file, specify the filename and .pol. After you delete a file, it is unavailable to the system.

When you delete a file from the switch, a message similar to the following appears:

Remove testpolicy.pol from switch? (y/n)

Enter y to remove the file from your system. Enter n to cancel the process and keep the file on your system.

If you attempt to delete an active configuration file (the configuration currently selected to boot the switch), the switch displays an error similar to the following:

Error: Cannot remove current selected active configuration.
For more information about configuring core dump files and managing the core dump files stored on your switch, see Understanding Core Dump Messages.