Exclude Port List

When you have configured the switch to automatically disable the port where the looped packet arrived, there may be certain ports that you do not want disabled. You can then create a list of ports that are excluded from this automatic disabling and that remain enabled. This list can also contain EAPS ring ports. When this option is selected, the actual EAPS ring ports do not have to be explicitly listed. You can also specify that VXLAN remote end points are to be excluded from getting disabled when a loop is detected.

You can configure any port on the switch into the exclude port list. The list can also be edited to add or delete any port on the switch. Then when ELRP detects a loop and the disable feature is enabled, it checks to see if the port from which the PDU arrived is on the user defined exclude port list or is part of a trunk port that is defined on the list. When the port is on the list, ELRP logs the event and does not disable the port. When the port is not on the list, ELRP disables the port.


The following are limitations to this feature:
  • A specified port is added to the list regardless of its corresponding VLAN.

  • Only ports on the local switch can be added.

  • A loop detected on an excluded port may persist indefinitely until user action is taken.

  • MLAG ISC links should not be blocked, therefore they should be added to the excluded port list.