Using Built-In Functions

Built in functions allow you to manipulate and evaluate the variables inside your script and the script output. Built-In Functions shows the built-in functions. Supported TCL Functions shows the built-in Tool Command Language (TCL) functions.



ExtremeXOS uses TCL version 8.5.14.
Table 1. Built-In Functions
Syntax Function
$MATCH(string 1, string 2)

Compares the two strings string 1 and string 2. Returns 0 if string1 matches string2.

It returns -1,0, or 1, depending on whether string1 is less than, equal to, or greater than string2.

$READ(prompt) Displays a prompt for user input and accepts input until the user presses [Enter] or the session times out. Replace prompt with the prompt to display to the user.
$TCL(function args) Calls a TCL built-in function (see Supported TCL Functions). Note that the software does not support the simultaneous operation of multiple TCL functions. For more information on TCL functions, go to
$UPPERCASE(string) Returns the string uppercased.
$VAREXISTS(varname) Returns zero if the specified variable does not exist. Returns non-zero if the specified variable does exist.
Table 2. Supported TCL Functions
Function Function Type Description
after System related Execute a command after a time delay.
binary String handling Insert and extract fields from binary strings.
clock System related Obtain and manipulate time.
concat List handling Join lists together.
expr Math Evaluate an expression.
join List handling Create a string by joining list elements together.
lindex List handling Retrieve an element from a list.
linsert List handling Insert elements into a list.
list List handling Create a list.
llength List handling Count the number of elements in a list.
lrange List handling Return one or more adjacent elements from a list.
lreplace List handling Replace elements in a list with new elements.
lsearch List handling See if a list contains a particular element.
lsort List handling Sort the elements of a list.
regexp String handling Match a regular expression against a string.
regsub String handling Perform substitutions based on regular expression pattern matching.
re_syntax String handling Syntax of TCL regular expressions.
split List handling Split a string into a proper TCL list.
string String handling Manipulate strings.

For examples of scripts that use TCL functions, see CLI Scripting Examples.