Matching Parameters

Rather than using a text match, EMS allows you to filter more efficiently based on the parameter values of the message.

In addition to event components and conditions and severity levels, each filter item can also use parameter values to further limit which messages are passed or blocked. The process of creating, configuring, and using filters has already been described in Filtering By Components and Conditions, so this section describes matching parameters with a filter item.

To configure a parameter match filter item, use the following command:

configure log filter name [add | delete] {exclude} events [event-condition | [all | event-component] {severity severity {only}}] [match | strict-match] type value

Each event in ExtremeXOS is defined with a message format and zero or more parameter types.

The show log events all command can be used to display event definitions (the event text and parameter types). Only those parameter types that are applicable given the events and severity specified are exposed on the CLI. The syntax for the parameter types (represented by type in the command syntax above) is:

[address-family [ipv4-multicast | ipv4-unicast | ipv6-multicast | ipv6-unicast] | bgp-neighbor ip address | bgp-routerid ip address | eaps eaps domain name | {destination | source} [ipaddress ip address | L4-port L4-port| mac-address mac-address] | esrp esrp domain name | {egress | ingress} [slot slot number | ports portlist] | ipaddress ip address | L4-port L4-port | mac-address mac_address | netmask netmask | number number | port portlist | process process name | slot slotid | string exact string to be matched | vlan vlan name | vlan tag vlan tag]

You can specify the ipaddress type as IPv4 or IPv6, depending on the IP version.

The following examples show how to configure IPv4 addresses and IPv6 addresses:

IPv4 address

IPv6 address
IPv6 scoped address

To configure a scoped IPv6 address, with a mask of 128 assumed, use the following command:

configure log filter myFilter add events all match ipaddress fe80::1%Default

To configure a range of scoped IPv6 addresses with a mask of 16, use the following command:

configure log filter myFilter add events all match ipaddress fe80::/16%Default

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