LAG Port Selection

This feature allows you to apply an ACL that causes matching packets to egress a specific port in a link aggregation (or load-sharing) group.

The following ACL action is added in support of this feature:

redirect-port-no-sharing port

The ACL overrides any load-sharing algorithm hash that is generated based on the lookup results.

Limitations include the following:
  • If the selected port in a load-sharing group is down, the packets will be dropped.

  • Like the redirect-port action, the specified port must be a member of the egress VLAN.

Following is an example of a configuration and ACL policy that directs traffic matching to LAG port 3:

enable sharing 2 group 2,3
entry one {
if {
} then {
redirect-port-no-sharing 3;
config access-list radiomgmt any

This example would direct inband management traffic to specific radios connected to specific ports within a load-sharing group.