Defining Protocol Filters

If necessary, you can define a customized protocol filter by specifying EtherType, Logical Link Control (LLC), or Subnetwork Access Protocol (SNAP). Up to six protocols can be part of a protocol filter. To define a protocol filter:

  1. Create a protocol using the following command:
    create protocol_name

    For example: create protocol fred

    The protocol name can have a maximum of 32 characters.

  2. Configure the protocol using the following command:
    configure protocol_name add [etype | llc | snap] hex {[etype | llc | snap] hex}
    Supported protocol types include:
    The values for etype are four-digit hexadecimal numbers taken from a list maintained by the IEEE. This list can be found at the following URL:


    Protocol-based VLAN for Etype from 0x0000 to 0x05ff are not classifying as per filter. When traffic arrive with these Etypes, it is classifed to native VLAN rather protocol based vlan.
    llc—LLC Service Advertising Protocol (SAP)
    The values for llc are four-digit hexadecimal numbers that are created by concatenating a two-digit LLC Destination SAP (DSAP) and a two-digit LLC Source SAP (SSAP).
    snap—EtherType inside an IEEE SNAP packet encapsulation

    The values for snap are the same as the values for etype, described previously. For example:

    configure protocol fred add llc feff
    configure protocol fred add snap 9999

    A maximum of 16 customized protocol filters can be active at a time.



    For more information about SNAP for Ethernet protocol types, see TR 11802-5:1997 (ISO/IEC) [ANSI/IEEE std. 802.1H, 1997 Edition].