RFC 4293 (IP-MIB)

The following tables, groups, and variables are supported in this MIB.

Table/Group Supported Variables Comments
ipAddressTable All objects This table contains addressing information relevant to the entity's interfaces. This table does not contain multicast address information. Tables for such information should be contained in multicast specific MIBs, such as RFC 3019. While this table is writable, the user will note that several objects, such as ipAddressOrigin, are not. The intention in allowing a user to write to this table is to allow them to add or remove any entry that isn't permanent. The user should be allowed to modify objects and entries when that would not cause inconsistencies within the table. Allowing write access to objects, such as ipAddressOrigin, could allow a user to insert an entry and then label it incorrectly.
Note: When including IPv6 link-local addresses in this table, the entry must use an InetAddressType of 'ipv6z' in order to differentiate between the possible interfaces.
ipSystemStatsTable All objects The number of valid route entries discarded from the inetCidrRouteTable. Discarded route entries do not appear in the inetCidrRouteTable. One possible reason for discarding an entry would be to free-up buffer space for other route table entries.
ipAddressPrefixTable All objects This table allows the user to determine the source of an IP address or set of IP addresses, and allows other tables to share the information via pointer rather than by copying. For example, when the node configures both a unicast and anycast address for a prefix, the ipAddressPrefix objects for those addresses will point to a single row in this table. This table primarily provides support for IPv6 prefixes, and several of the objects are less meaningful for IPv4. The table continues to allow IPv4 addresses to allow future flexibility. In order to promote a common configuration, this document includes suggestions for default values for IPv4 prefixes. Each of these values may be overridden if an object is meaningful to the node. All prefixes used by this entity should be included in this table independent of how the entity learned the prefix. (This table isn't limited to prefixes learned from router advertisements.
ipv6ScopeZoneIndexTable All objects The table used to describe IPv6 unicast and multicast scope zones. For those objects that have names rather than numbers, the names were chosen to coincide with the names used in the IPv6 address architecture document.
ipDefaultRouterTable All objects The table used to describe the default routers known to this
ipv6RouterAdvertTable All objects The table containing information used to construct router advertisements.