Link State Database

Upon initialization, each router transmits a LSA on each of its interfaces. LSAs are collected by each router and stored into the LSDB of each router. After all LSAs are received, the router uses the LSDB to calculate the best routes for use in the IP routing table. OSPFv3 uses flooding to distribute LSAs between routers.

Any change in routing information is sent to all of the routers in the network. All routers within an area have the exact same LSDB.

Selected OSPFv3 LSA Types describes LSA type numbers.

Table 1. Selected OSPFv3 LSA Types
Type Number Description
0x0008 Link LSA
0x2001 Router LSA
0x2002 Network LSA
0x2003 Inter-Area-Prefix LSA
0x2004 Inter-Area-Router LSA
0x2009 Intra-Area-Prefix LSA
0x4005 AS external LSA