Adding the EAPS Control VLAN

You must create and configure one control VLAN for each EAPS domain. For instructions on creating a VLAN, see VLANs.

To configure EAPS to use a VLAN as the EAPS control VLAN for a domain, use the following command:
configure eaps name add control {vlan} vlan_name


A control VLAN cannot belong to more than one EAPS domain. If the domain is active, you cannot delete the domain or modify the configuration of the control VLAN.

The control VLAN must NOT be configured with an IP address. In addition, only ring ports may be added to this control VLAN. No other ports can be members of this VLAN. Failure to observe these restrictions can result in a loop in the network.

The ring ports of the control VLAN must be tagged.

By default, EAPS PDUs are automatically assigned to QoS profile QP8. This ensures that the control VLAN messages reach their intended destinations. You do not need to configure a QoS profile for the control VLAN.