Replicating Data Between Nodes

ExtremeXOS replicates configuration and run-time information between the primary node and the backup node so that the system can recover if the primary fails. This method of replicating data is known as checkpointing. Checkpointing is the process of automatically copying the active state from the primary to the backup, which allows for state recovery if the primary fails.

Replicating data consists of the following three steps:

  • Configuration synchronization—Relays current and saved configuration information from the primary to the backup.
  • Bulk checkpoint—Ensures that each individual application running on the system is synchronized with the backup.
  • Dynamic checkpoint—Checkpoints any new state changes from the primary to the backup.

To monitor the checkpointing status, use the following command:

show checkpoint-data {process}
Data is not replicated from the primary to the standby nodes.