Applying Manual Route Targets to EVPN Instances

Manual route targets (RTs) can be applied to EVPN instances (EVI) using BGP commands. This is required to ensure RTs match between EBGP peering routers.

To associate BGP configuration with an automatically generated EVI:
  1. Create a named EVI (see Creating/Deleting EVPN Instances).
  2. Configure a VNI for the named EVI that matches the VNI of the corresponding virtual-network (see VXLAN).
  3. Configure the desired RTs for the named EVI (see Configuring EVPN Instances).

For example:

Virtual Network Configuration

configure virtual-network local-endpoint ipaddress vr "VR-Default" 
create virtual-network "vnet1" flooding standard
configure virtual-network "vnet1" VXLAN vni 678 
configure virtual-network "vnet1" add vlan vlan48

BGP EVPN Instance Configuration

create bgp EVPN instance “inst1”
configure bgp EVPN instance “inst1” VXLAN vni 678
configure bgp EVPN instance “inst1” route-target both add 10:1