Configuring Unidirectional Link Fault Management

To configure unidirectional link fault management on a port or ports, use the following command:

enable ethernet oam ports [port_list | all] link-fault-management

To clear the counters on a configured port, use the following command:

clear ethernet oam {ports [port_list} counters

To unconfigure unidirectional link fault management, use the following command:

disable ethernet oam ports [port_list | all] link-fault-management

To display the Ethernet OAM settings, use the following command:

show ethernet oam {ports [port_list} {detail}

When configured, the following behavior on the port is observed:

  • A log indicates that traffic on the port is blocked.
  • All received traffic on that port is blocked except for Ethernet OAM PDUs.
  • To higher layers, a failure is reported as a link down but OAM can use the link to send OAM traffic.