Locating a Collector

The switch attempts to locate a data collector using the DNS hostname, or the IP address of a collector. You specify the DNS hostname or IP address of a collector when you add a collector. When a DNS hostname is configured for a collector, the switch attempts to resolve the IP address for the configured DNS hostname before it attempts to connect to the collector. If the process of resolving IP address for a collector fails, the connection process stops and logs an error message.

When you start the feature a default collector is automatically configured a public IP address of a Splunk server hosted in Extreme's internal network. When you enable the feature, the switch automatically attempts to locate the default collector and send switch status information to the collector. You can configure up to four collectors on the switch. If you want to collect switch status information in your own collector (beside the default collector), you can use the configure tech-support add collector command to configure an additional collector. The switch will send independent status reports to each collector based on each collector‘s configuration.

By default, the primary IP address on the Mgmt VLAN interface is used for the discovery process of a collector. If an IP address is not found on the Mgmt VLAN, an error messaged is displayed. Optionally, you can specify a source IP address to connect to a collector. The connection between the switch and a collector is established and maintained with TCP.