Customizable Authentication Failure Response

In the event of web-based network login authentication failure, you can use a custom authentication failure page to recover.

When a customized login page is in effect, by default, any authentication failure results in the following failure response being delivered to the browser:
Login Incorrect. Click here to try again.

Clicking on the indicated link will bring the user back to the initial custom login page.

You may choose to override the above default response with a custom one. This custom failure response page must be uploaded to the switch using TFTP with the name netlogin_login_fail_page.html. When authentication fails, the switch responds with this page. If the page is deleted from the switch, the response reverts back to the default.

The same graphical images that are uploaded to the switch for the custom login page can also be embedded in the custom authentication failure page.



The custom authentication failure page can be used only when authentication is being done via the custom login page.