Adding a Permanent Unicast Static Entry

To add a static entry use the following command:

create fdb mac_addr vlan vlan_name [ports port_list | blackhole]

The following example adds a permanent static entry to the FDB:

create fdb 00:E0:2B:12:34:56 vlan marketing port 3:4
The permanent entry has the following characteristics:

You can specify multiple ports when you create a unicast static entry. However, all ports in the list must be on the same SummitStack switch. When the port list contains ports on different slots, the following error is generated:

Error: Multiple ports must be on the same slot for unicast MAC FDB entries.

Once the multiport static FDB entry is created, any ingress traffic with a destination MAC address matching the FDB entry is multicasted to each port in the specified list. If the FDB entry is the next hop for an IP adjacency, unicast routing sends the packet to the first port in the list.



When a multiport list is assigned to a unicast MAC address, load sharing is not supported on the ports in the multiport list.

ExtremeSwitching series switches do not support this multiport feature natively using the FDB table. Instead, for each FDB entry of this type, a series of system ACLs have been installed which match the specified MAC address and VLAN ID, and override the egress port forwarding list with the supplied list of ports. Multiple ACLs per FDB are required to handle Layer 2 echo kill by installing a unique ACL per individual port in the list to send matching traffic to all other ports in the list.

User-configured ACLs take precedence over these FDB-generated ACL rules, and the total number of rules is determined by the platform.

The hardware ACL limitations for each platform are described in ACLs.