Moving or Renaming Files on the Switch

You can move or rename an existing configuration, policy, or if configured, core dump file in the system.

XML-formatted configuration files have a .cfg file extension. The switch runs only .cfg files. ASCII-formatted configuration files have an .xsf file extension. See Uploading ASCII-Formatted Configuration Files for more information. Policy files have a .pol file extension.

When you rename a file, make sure the it uses the same file extension as the original file. If you change the file extensions, the file may be unrecognized by the system. For example, if you have an existing configuration file named test.cfg, the new filename must include the .cfg extension.

  1. Run the mv command.
    # mv test.cfg megset.cfg
    Rename config test.cfg to config megtest.cfg on switch? (y/n)
  2. Enter y to rename the file on your system. Enter n to cancel this process and keep the existing filename.
    If you attempt to rename an active configuration file (the configuration currently selected the boot the switch), the switch displays an error similar to the following:
    Error: Cannot rename current selected active configuration.

For more information about configuring core dump files and managing the core dump files stored on your switch, see Understanding Core Dump Messages.