Removing Bridge Port Extenders from Cascades

You can permanently remove bridge port extenders (BPEs) from existing Extended Edge Switching cascades.

To remove a BPE:

  1. Unconfigure the BPE to be removed, and all BPEs below the location of that BPE in the cascade starting from the bottom, and then moving up, using the command:
  2. Disconnect the desired BPE, and then re-cable the remaining BPEs as needed.
  3. Re-configure all of the previously unconfigured BPEs, except for the removed BPE, starting from the top, and then moving down, using the procedure in Manually Configuring Bridge Port Extenders starting with step 3.
  4. Unconfigure the removed BPE's slot assignment using the following command:
    unconfigure slot slot
To see an example of removing a BPE from a cascade, see Removing Bridge Port Extender from a Cascade Example.