Using Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) in Your Network

The ExtremeXOS implementation of public-key infrastructure (PKI) supports the secure authentication of Syslog server and SSH client to an Extreme Networks XOS device using an X.509 certificate. Below are primary aspects of a PKI configuration (for more information about each command listed in this topic, see Switch Engine 32.2 Command Reference Guide ):



All the certificates mentioned below should be in PEM format.

OCSP nonce cryptographically binds an OCSP request and an OCSP response with an id-pkix-ocsp-nonce extension to prevent replay attacks.

OCSP override configures one HTTP Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) override URL for an SSH2 x509v3 server.

When OCSP-nocheck is done for a peer certificate, ExtremeXOS sends the OCSP request to the OCSP server. The OCSP response is signed by the OCSP responder/signer. The response also comes along with the certificate of the OCSP signer. When ExtremeXOS receives the response, it only verifies that the status of the peer certificate is not revoked.