Routing Configuration Example

IPv6 Unicast Routing Configuration Example illustrates a switch with three VLANs defined as follows:

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IPv6 Unicast Routing Configuration Example

The stations connected to the system generate a combination of IPv6 traffic and NetBIOS traffic. The IPv6 traffic is filtered by the protocol-sensitive VLANs. All other traffic is directed to the VLAN MyCompany.

In this configuration, all IPv6 traffic from stations connected to slots 1 and 3 have access to the router by way of the VLAN Finance. Ports on slots 2 and 4 reach the router by way of the VLAN Personnel. All other traffic (NetBIOS) is part of the VLAN MyCompany.

The example is configured as follows:

create vlan Finance tag 10
create vlan Personnel tag 11
create vlan MyCompany
configure Finance protocol ipv6
configure Personnel protocol ipv6
configure Finance add port 1:*,3:* tag
configure Personnel add port 2:*,4:* tag
configure MyCompany add port all
configure Finance ipaddress 2001:db8:35::1/48
configure Personnel ipaddress 2001:db8:36::1/48
configure ripng add vlan Finance
configure ripng add vlan Personnel
enable ipforwarding ipv6
enable ripng