Using SCP2 from an External SSH2 Client

In ExtremeXOS, the SCP2 protocol is supported for transferring configuration, image and public key policy files to the switch from the SCP2 client. The user must have administrator-level access to the switch. The switch can be specified by its switch name or IP address. ExtremeXOS only allows SCP2 to transfer to the switch files named as follows:

  • *.cfg—ExtremeXOS configuration files
  • *.pol—ExtremeXOS policy files
  • *.xos—ExtremeXOS core image files
  • *.xmod—ExtremeXOS modular package files
  • *.ssh—Public key files

In the following examples, you are using a Linux system to move files to and from the switch at, using the switch administrator account admin. You are logged into your Linux system as user.