Displaying SNMP Settings

To view SNMP settings configured on the switch, use the following command:

show switch management

This command displays the following information:

  • Enable/disable state for Telnet and SNMP access
  • Login statistics
  • Enable/disable state for idle timeouts
  • Maximum number of CLI sessions
  • SNMP community strings
  • SNMP notification type (trap or INFORM)
  • SNMP trap receiver list
  • SNMP trap receiver source IP address
  • SNMP statistics counter
  • SSH access state (enabled/disabled).
  • CLI configuration logging
  • SNMP access states of v1, v2c disabled and v3 enabled
  • Enable/disable state for Remote Monitoring (RMON)
  • Access-profile usage configured via ACLs for additional Telnet, SSH2 security, SNMP, and HTTP(s)
  • CLI scripting settings
  • Enable/disable state
  • Error message setting
  • Persistence mode
  • Dropped SNMP packet counter