Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) protection can be provided for the primary as well as for the secondary IP addresses of a VLAN. For multinetting, the IP address assigned to an VRRP virtual router identifier (VRID) can be either the primary or the secondary IP addresses of the corresponding VLAN.

For example, assume a VLAN v1 with two IP addresses: a primary IP address of, and a secondary IP address of

To provide VRRP protection to such a VLAN, you must configure one of the following:

It is possible for a VRRP VR to have additional virtual IP addresses assigned to it.

In this case, the following conditions must be met:
Assuming a VLAN v1 that has IP addresses and, here are some more examples of valid configurations:
Given the same VLAN v1 as above, here are some invalid configurations: