IXP MPLS Enhancements

ExtremeXOS Release 15.4 adds the following IXP MPLS feature enhancements:

EMS Logging of MPLS Protocols, LSPs, PWs, and Interfaces

The following EMS logs allow you to track MPLS protocols, some LSPs, and PW and MPLS I/F operational states. These logs are added at the “Info” level, and are not generated in the default log output (the default level for MPLS is “Warning”).

  • MPLS.ChgStaticIngrLSPState
  • MPLS.ChgStaticTrnstLSPState
  • MPLS.ChgStaticEgrLSPState
  • MPLS.L2VPN.ChgPWState
MPLS Protocol Interfaces
  • MPLS.ChgIfState
  • MPLS.ChgProtoState
  • MPLS.LDP.ChgProtoState
  • MPLS.RSVPTE.ChgProtoState

Enhanced Show Details for Transit and Egress RSVP-TE LSPs

The following fields are added to the show mpls rsvp-te lsp command output on transit and egress nodes:
  • Administrative & Operational Statuses
  • Setup & Hold Priorities

Enhance Usability and Ability to Debug MPLS