Using the System Health Checker

The system health checker is a useful tool to monitor the overall health of your system.

The software performs a proactive, preventive search for problems by polling and reporting the health of system components, including power supplies, power supply controllers, and fans. By isolating faults to a specific module, backplane connection, control plane, or component, the system health checker notifies you of a possible hardware fault.

The system health checker polls and reads the switch fabric and CPU registers.

Polling is always enabled on the system and occurs in the background every 10 seconds; the polling value is not a user-configured parameter.

System health check errors are reported to the Syslog. If you see an error, contact Extreme Networks Technical Support (see Help and Support). There are no health checking tests related to the stacking links in a SummitStack.

To display the system health check setting, including polling and how ExtremeXOS software handles faults on the switch, use the command: show switch

The system health check setting, displayed as SysHealth check, shows the polling setting and how ExtremeXOS handles faults. The polling setting appears as Enabled, and the fault handling setting appears in parenthesis next to the polling setting.