Supported Configuration Commands and Functions

Static and dynamic profiles support the full ExtremeXOS command set. They also support the built-in functions described in Using CLI Scripting.

Commands that are executed in persistent mode become part of the saved switch configuration that persists when the switch is rebooted. Commands that are executed in non-persistent mode configure temporary changes that are not saved in the switch configuration and do not persist when the switch is rebooted.

However, a subset of these commands operates by default in non-persistent mode when executed in a dynamic profile.

Most commands operate only in persistent mode. The subset of commands that operate in non-persistent mode are called non-persistent-capable commands. The Universal Port feature uses the non-persistent-capable commands to configure temporary changes that could create security issues if the switch were rebooted or reset. The use of non-persistent-capable commands in scripts and Universal Port profiles allows you to make temporary configuration changes without affecting the default configuration the next time the switch is started.

The following table shows the non-persistent capable CLI commands.

Non-Persistent-Capable Configuration Commands

ACL Commands

configure access-list add dynamic_rule [ [[first | last] {priority p_number} {zone zone} ] | [[before | after] rule] | [ priority p_number {zone zone} ]] [ any | vlan vlanname | ports portlist ] {ingress | egress}

configure access-list delete ruleName [ any | vlan vlanname | ports portlist | all] {ingress | egress}

LLDP Commands

configure lldp ports portlist [advertise | dont advertise | no-advertise | dcbx] {all-tlvs | management-address | port-description | system-capabilities | system-description | system-name | vendor-specific}

Port Commands

disable port [port_list | all]

disable jumbo-frame ports [all | port_list]

enable port [port_list | all]

enable jumbo-frame ports [all | port_list]

Power over Ethernet Commands

configure inline-power label string ports port_list

configure inline-power operator-limit milliwatts ports [all |port_list]

configure inline-power priority [critical | high | low] ports port_list

disable inline-power

disable inline-power ports [all | port_list]

disable inline-power slot slot

enable inline-power

enable inline-power ports [all | port_list]

enable inline-power slot slot

unconfigure inline-power priority ports [all | port_list]

VLAN Commands

configure {vlan} vlan_name add ports [port_list | all] {tagged | untagged} {{stpd} stpd_name} {dot1d | emistp | pvst-plus}}

configure ip-mtu mtu vlan vlan_name

QOS/Rate-limiting Commands

configure ports port_list {qosprofile} qosprofile

Show Commands

All show commands can be executed in non-persistent mode.

By default, all commands operate in persistent mode with the following exceptions:

You can use the configure cli mode persistent command and the configure cli mode non-persistent command to change the mode of operation for non-persistent-capable commands multiple times within a script, profile, or configuration session.