show ipconfig mgmt Command

The show ipconfig mgmt command shows the configured alternate management IP address as applied to the management VLAN on the local unit. This allows you to see how the configured alternate management IP address has been applied.

The Multinetted VLAN indication always appears as NO. The alternate IP address is restricted to the same subnet as the primary subnet configured for the management IP interface. As a result, only a single subnet is used with the possibility of multiple station addresses. Further, you cannot configure a secondary IP address on the management VLAN.

The show ipconfig mgmt command displays the following information:

Slot1 Stack.36 # show ipconfig MgmtRouter Interface on VLAN Mgmt is enabled and up.
inet  broadcast  Mtu 1500
Alternate IP Address:
AddrMaskRly  NO     BOOTP Host  NO   DirBcstHwFwd  NO     Fwd Bcast  NO
IgnoreBcast  NO     IP Fwding  NO    IPmc Fwd  NO         Multinetted VLAN  NO
IRDP Advert  NO     SendParam YES    SendPortUn YES       Send Redir YES
SendTimxceed YES    SendUnreach YES  TimeStampRly  NO     VRRP  NO

For the management VLAN, a secondary address cannot be configured and so the Secondary IP line does not appear.

The Alternate IP Address line shows one of the following: