Associating a MAC Address to a Specific Port

You can configure the switch to accept and authenticate a client with a specific MAC address. Only MAC addresses that have a match for the specific ports are sent for authentication. For example, if you associate a MAC address with one or more ports, only authentication requests for that MAC address received on the port(s) are sent to the configured RADIUS server or local database. The port(s) block all other authentication requests that do not have a matching entry. This is also known as secure MAC.

To associate a MAC address with one or more ports, specify the ports option when using the following command:
configure netlogin add mac-list [mac {mask} | default] {encrypted} {password} {ports port_list}

You must enable MAC-based network login on the switch and the specified ports.

If MAC-based network login is not enabled on the specified port(s), the switch displays a warning message similar to the following:
WARNING: Not all specified ports have MAC-Based NetLogin enabled. 
For a sample configuration, see Securing MAC Configuration Example.