Managing Groups

Groups are used to manage access for the MIB. You use groups to define the security model, the security level, and the portion of the MIB that members of the group can read or write.

The security model and security level are discussed in Security Models and Levels. The view names associated with a group define a subset of the MIB (subtree) that can be accessed by members of the group. The read view defines the subtree that can be read, write view defines the subtree that can be written to, and notify view defines the subtree that notifications can originate from. MIB views are discussed in Setting SNMPv3 MIB Access Control.

A number of default groups are already defined. These groups are: admin, initial, v1v2c_ro, v1v2c_rw.

Enabling SNMPv3 default-group access activates the access to an SNMPv3 default group and the user- created SNMPv3-user part of default group.

Disabling SNMPv3 default-group access removes access to default-users and user-created users who are part of the default-group.

The user-created authenticated SNMPv3 users (who are part of a user-created group) are able to access the switch.