PIM-SSM Configuration Example

In the following example, the default PIM-SSM range of is configured. For all interfaces, non-IGMPv3 messages and IGMPv3 exclude messages are ignored for addresses in this range. Hosts that use IGMPv3 on VLAN v13 can request and receive source specific multicast streams for addresses in the PIM-SSM range.

create vlan v12
create vlan v13
configure v12 add port 1
configure v13 add port 2
configure v12 ipaddress
configure v13 ipaddress
configure pim add vlan all sparse
enable ipforwarding
enable ipmcforwarding
enable igmp IGMPv3
configure pim ssm range default
enable pim ssm vlan v13
enable pim


(*;G)s are created for groups outside the SSM range. SSM may not be enabled for the ingress VLAN (see Using PIM-SSM While Sending IGMPV3 Joins (IPv4) ).