Dynamic Virtual Networks

ExtremeXOS 30.3 introduces the ability to globally enable dynamic virtual network creation by using the following command:

configure virtual-network dynamic [on | off]

Dynamic virtual network is disabled by default. Creating or deleting BGP Auto-peering enables/disables automatic virtual network creation.

The status of this command is visible in the following command:

show virtual-network {vn_name | vxlan vni vni | [vlan vlan_name | vman vman_name]}

When this feature is enabled, the following occurs for a new VLAN-NSI mapping:
  1. A dynamic virtual network is created. The virtual network name is generated with a system reserved prefix.
  2. VXLAN VNI is configured for the virtual network. The VNID is same as the value of NSI.
  3. The VLAN is configured as a tenant VLAN.

When a VLAN-NSI mapping is deleted, the dynamically created virtual network along with the VNI and VLAN associations are purged.

Dynamic Virtual Networks Properties