Configuring Network Login MAC-Based VLANs

Currently, network login allows only a single, untagged VLAN to exist on a port. This limits the flexibility for untagged supplicants because they must be in the same VLAN.

ExtremeSwitching series switches support network login MAC-based VLANs. Network login MAC-based VLANs allow a port assigned to a VLAN to operate in a MAC-based fashion. This means that each individual untagged supplicant, identified by its MAC address, can be in different VLANs.

Network login MAC-based VLAN utilizes VSA information from both the network login local database and the RADIUS server. After successfully performing the Campus mode operation, the supplicant is added untagged to the destination VLAN.

To support this feature, you must configure the network login port‘s mode of operation.