Displaying MPLS Label Mapping Information

To display MPLS label mapping information, use the following command:
show mpls ldp lsp {prefix ipNetmask} {ingress | egress | transit} {detail}
show mpls rsvp-te lsp [egress | transit] {fast-reroute} {{lsp_name} {[destination | origin] ipaddress} {detail} | summary}

This command displays information about how to forward packets that arrive labeled as MPLS packets. As such, it shows how labels advertised to upstream peers are mapped to labels received from downstream peers. This mapping is sometimes referred to as the Incoming Label Map (ILM).

When the label_number parameter is omitted, summary information is displayed for all incoming label assignments that have been made by the switch. When the label_number is specified, summary information is displayed for the specified label.

As can be seen below, the output display differs for label mappings signaled by LDP and RSVP-TE. Please see the respective sections for additional information.

# show mpls ldp lsp
Prefix            Adv Label Peer Label Next Hop        VLAN     0x80402   --         --              lpbk     0x00039   0x80400        vlan2        0x0003A   0x80401        vlan2     0x0003B   0x00013        vlan2
* BD-10K.6 # show mpls rsvp-te lsp
Ingress LSP Name Path Name        Destination     Transmit I/F     UpTm
---------------- ---------------- --------------- ---------------- ----
LSR1-LSR4        path1-2-4     vlan2             47m
Egress LSP Name  Source IP       Destination     Receive I/F      UpTm
---------------- --------------- --------------- ---------------- ----
LSR4-LSR1     vlan1             47m
Transit LSP Name Source IP       Destination     Receive I/F   Transmit I/F  UpTm
---------------- --------------- --------------- ------------- ------------- ----
LSR2-LSR3     vlan2          vlan1        47m
Flags: (U) Up, (E) Enabled, (P) Primary LSP, (S) Secondary LSP,
(R) Redundant Paths, (B) Bandwidth Requested, (O) ERO Specified,
(I) IP Traffic Allowed, (V) VPN Traffic Allowed,
(v) VPN Assigned Traffic Allowed